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  • Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) monthly meeting on May 11, 2017

Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) monthly meeting on May 11, 2017

  • 11 May 2017
  • 7:15 AM
  • Clark County Medical Society, 2590 E. Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV

Should be an really interesting program. Bring your friends!

Southern Nevada (Las Vegas) Meeting: Thursday, May 11, 2017, 7:15 am

Topic: Mindset and Preparedness in this Ever-increasing Unpredictable World

Body of Knowledge Domain: Human Resource Management

Session Description: Employers are facing new and dynamic challenges every day as the market place shifts and new "norms" are developed.

We will focus on the health and wellness challenge employers face when dealing with their employees, many of whom are from the Millennial generation and require inspiration and motivational techniques to spur full commitment to their place of employment.

This new generation of employees is accustomed to getting results immediately through the use of technology and social media. This can be great for productivity, but creates a new set of challenges for managers, success as constructively engaging with customers and patients. It is hard for this generation to simply put down their phone or electronic device to actively recognize and communicate with the customer as they enter the office space or place of business.

Many of these new employees fail to be aware of the simplest of warning signs and the many dangerous clues some customers or patients exhibit while in the waiting room. Worse, they feel a false sense of security with their phone in their hand as they exit the office to go home...often unaware of the dangers that may await an unsuspecting employee in the parking lot and beyond.

This presentation will address the following:

  1. Mindset - Creating a Bias of Action
  2. Defining Fear and Managing its Effect
  3. Creating a Plan for the Worse Case Scenario
  4. Building a Culture of Trust

Presented by:
Jeb Bozarth
(Former Swat Team Member with the Henderson Police Dept.)
Training Coordinator / Owner
Critical Training Solution L.L.C.

Clark County Medical Society
2590 E. Russell Road
Las Vegas, NV

Please RSVP to Ricki Greenspon at:

Nevada MGMA
PO Box 3403, Hamilton, NJ 08619